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Gary Stegman

Gary Stegman

Gary Stegman

Vice President

With a commendable tenure of over 17 years in Federal Health, our VP has dedicated his career to bettering the lives of the most vulnerable among us. His extensive experience spans pivotal roles in CMS, SAMSA, military health, and the VA. Throughout his journey, he has championed initiatives that significantly improved health outcomes for the indigent and elderly, ensuring they receive the care and support they so rightly deserve. Now, he’s bringing his talent to the community of Sussex County, and all of Delaware.

His years of business acumen not only provide him with invaluable strategic foresight but also gift our organization with an original and invigorating approach. As we continue to grow and shape the narrative of health equity, his leadership promises to reinvigorate our mission, ensuring What Is Your Voice, Inc. stands at the forefront of impactful change.

Away from the boardroom and strategic planning sessions, our VP is an avid reader. Family is the cornerstone of his life, and he cherishes the moments spent with loved ones, building memories that last a lifetime. An aficionado in the kitchen, he enjoys experimenting with flavors and world cuisines.

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